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About Us

iCardo Tech(TRT evoTECH) is a leading provider of ID card technology solutions. Our products and services are designed to help organizations of all sizes manage their identification needs efficiently and securely.

About Company

iCardo Tech is dedicated to revolutionizing the ID card technology industry. With our cutting-edge solutions, we aim to simplify the identification process for businesses, schools, government agencies, and more. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition

Mission and Vision

Mission: Our mission is to empower organizations with advanced ID card technology solutions that enhance security, streamline operations, and foster a safe environment.

Vision: We envision a world where identification processes are seamless, efficient, and secure, enabling organizations to focus on their core objectives.

Core Values


We strive for excellence in everything we do, from product development to customer service. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that exceed expectations.


We embrace innovation and continuously seek new ways to improve our products and services. We stay ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


We conduct our business with the utmost integrity, maintaining transparency, honesty, and ethical practices. Trust is the foundation of our relationships with clients, partners, and employees.


We foster a collaborative environment, valuing teamwork and open communication. We believe that collaboration leads to the best outcomes, both internally and externally.


Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about ID card technology. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we work together to develop innovative solutions and provide exceptional customer support. Our team’s dedication and commitment to excellence drive our success.

Why Choose Us?

We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless experience. We can be your top choice today!
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AtiCardo Tech, we are inspired by the possibilities that ID card technology offers. We are committed to helping organizations efficiently manage their identification needs while prioritizing security and convenience. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to revolutionize the industry and empower organizations worldwide.


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